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Three days embedded with your video production team. Prep, Shoot, Edit and Review. Written evaluation with suggested best-practices for the smoothest running film unit.


Let’s get your in-house production team aligned.

Day One. Bootcamp that leads into our Pre-Production meeting.

Day Two. Each filmmaker directs a scene, with myself as picky client as to make this as real as an actual shoot.

Day Three. We edit scenes and review everyone’s work to learn when we did correctly and what we can improve upon.

Within two weeks, you’ll receive a written report with actionable steps to get the team running at full-throttle. Together, we’ll determine best practices for your video unit, defining everyone’s roles on set, and iron out your internal process.

Great for agency in-house teams, social squads, university classes and production companies. Limit 8 Filmmakers.

After years of mentoring filmmakers, creative consultation and coaching over 450 filmmakers through Commercial Directing Bootcamp and Masterclass, this service uniquely maximizes your film’s production value. Write me: or call me directly on my cell 323.816.8860 with questions.


  1. Lucky Ramsey

    Jordan spent 12 hours with us. TWELVE solid hours helping break down all the different aspects of our business and building it back up again. When our lean team of 4 decided to book our private bootcamp we took it very seriously. We listened to the podcast, read the book and prepared our questions thoughtfully. Jordan showed up and proved that he had prepared even more than we had! From overall strategy to smaller but important details like the style of headshots, Jordan had analyzed it all and brought his Directors mindset to this meeting.

    Jordan tailored his workshop specifically to us so we spent a lot of time talking about how to build a commercial directing career. He covered things like reels, directors perspective and the relationship between reps, production houses and agencies. We listened to winning conference calls, how to interact with agencies at a more elite level, and got to look at winning treatments. He looked at our body of work and made recommendations on how to showcase our work and the specific verbiage to use. He was very tactical and gave us direction that we could start implementing immediately.

    Now if you’ve had any interaction with Jordan at all you know that he’s one of the kindest most genuine people you’ll ever meet. He brings that energy and focus into the workshop and seeks to form real relationships with the people he works with. Knowing that I can pick up the phone and call him when I have a question ,even though our bootcamp was months ago, means the world to me.

    Book your bootcamp, it will change your business like it has changed ours.

    • bradyoil (store manager)

      Wow! Thank you Lucky for such kind words. It’s my privilege to get to take the deep dive into the Pathfinder team. You all make great films, have a strong, disciplined work ethic and great creative minds. And best spaghetti east of the Mississippi. Truly, Jordan

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