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My creative consultation service is aimed at agency/brand in-house production departments with newer director/producers. I work especially well with new directors at production companies, coaching agency interaction and crew management.

Benefit from my 25 years of directing experience. Always confidential.


On-Set Creative Consultation uniquely blended with Production Efficiency. Right brain and left brain filmmaking. Optimization is paramount to your ongoing success and sustainability, so let’s get more out of your shoot and content. I’ll help you make content that connects with your audience. I love coaching new directors, agency creatives and producers, helping them avoid pitfalls, run a smoother set and maximize their creativity. Includes prep days, shoot days and written analysis of your directorial skills.

All inquiries and assignments are confidential. Email me directly at jordan@commercialdirectingbootcamp.com or call my cell at 323.816.8860 thank you.

1 review for ON-SET COACHING

  1. Stew Redwine

    It started innocently enough. My brother told me about Jordan’s filmmaking podcast. So I listened and I learned and I laughed. So I signed up for Bootcamp and I learned even more and laughed even more. Then I hired Jordan for a couple half hours of creative consultation, then got his book, then next thing you know we’re on set and he’s helping me optimize our agency’s productions. “How did it get so far, so fast?” I asked myself.

    Because Jordan is the real deal – all the way through. Talented, hard working, kind, open-handed, and tough when he has to be. If Anakin Skywalker had Jordan Brady as his Master things would have turned out VERY differently for the Star Wars universe.

    Jordan integrated with our team immediately, establishing rapport with everyone while keeping an eye on the goal the whole time – optimization.

    And he delivered the goods, discreetly and in a way that I could receive and IMMEDIATELY put into practice.

    If you take your craft seriously, want to grow, and have the ears to hear you must hire this man.

    Or just keep sucking.

    Either way, Jordan Brady will be out there fighting for truth, freedom, beauty, and love.

    • bradyoil (store manager)

      Stew, jeepers! Thank you for such kind words. So happy to be a part of your talented, dedicated team. Happy to help!

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