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Experienced, creative consultation for filmmakers, ad agencies and clients. Strong in comedy, performance, dialogue, aesthetics, and visual effects. Always confidential.


Put fresh eyes and an experienced brain on your career or your next project before you shoot or pitch. Gain an honest, constructive critique on that rough cut before you show the client. I’m here to help.


In person or via phone:
Includes free 15 minute follow up call.


  1. John Pedersen (verified owner)

    I work for an in-house agency where I direct a young but ambitious team – we’re all stocked up on enthusiasm but we’re thin on real industry experience; myself included. That’s why bringing in Jordan is so helpful to us – his knowledge, instincts and insight provide a great gut-check on the creative and his suggestions have made all the difference in bringing a greater level of polish to our finished products. He’s generous with his time and has great clarity of thought. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

    • bradyoil (store manager)

      Thanks John! It’s always a treat to work with you and the Scheels team. Great stuff!

  2. Adam Taylor

    I am a commercial director based in Houston TX. I have used Jordan to advise me on a few shoots and this is a wonderful service. The idea that I have someone with his expertise in my corner gives me the ability/confidence to sell some huge productions and then get solid advise from Jordan on how to execute. He always has some great ideas for me and really helps me improve the spot, my craft and the size of the invoice. I highly recommend Jordan if you need solid advice from a working director on any project.

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