My Commercial Directing Bootcamp is the only one-day intensive seminar on filmmaking that is specifically focused on your career directing commercials. Learn from my 20 years of experience directing over 1,000 spots. Your work is viewed prior to the workshop, so each Bootcamp is customized to the participants’ needs. Agency creatives can learn how the flow goes on set before your shoot.

Next Bootcamp is January 19th, 2019 – Los Angeles

Coffee, drinks and an artisanal lunch are provided. Filmmakers receive free copy Commercial Directing Voodoo: Filmmaking Spells & Production Potions.

Who should attend?
Filmmakers, advertising creatives, producers, cinematographers, writers, actors… anyone seriously considering a career in directing commercials or just wants to respect the process.

What you will learn:
How the advertising business works as it pertains to filmmaking.
How Directors get jobs.
Spec spots. Yes? No? Best way to make them.
Lifecycle of an ad campaign for the filmmaker.
Candid behind the scenes footage of national shoot.
How to think like a superhero.
Signing to a production company.
Collaborate while leading.
How to do a winning conference call.
Listen to winning or losing conference call.
Treatment writing.
Pre-production through Post.
Casting using The Brady Method.
Getting great performances from actors.
Lead your crew with Gratitude.
Case study from concept to completion.
Agency & Client protocol.
How to Respect The Process.
When to Disrespect The Process.
Repeat business.
How to stay hungry.
How to not suck at directing.
My top secret, world famous Jedi mind tricks.
Much more.

Top Secret Training Facility disclosed upon sign up.
Video/Audio Recording of Bootcamp is prohibited.
Photos of Keynotes slides allowed for personal use only & social posting.

For more info on the Superlounge Diversity Award, click here.

What you won’t learn:
This is not a film school, although we’ll cover a lot of film craft. Plenty of great film schools and workshops out there for that. This is how to approach filmmaking for commercials as a career, and how you can succeed as a filmmaker in advertising. Jordan Brady has directed over 1,000 commercials.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Artisan lunch provided.
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Email me personally at with any questions or for a private Bootcamp.

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